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Tips to help you save money

Hotel Stay


A great highlight of any vacation is staying in a luxurious hotel. There are a lot of people that will pass on this option and stay in an economy room because of the potential cost of a luxury hotel. But with some work, research and planning you can get one of these upgraded hotel rooms at a price that will not break your budget. Check out our travel page to get some tips and help so that you can save money. 

#Save big time on your TV bill

There is a avenue that you can take that will help you save tons of money on your cable bill. Buy the Roku® receiver hook it to your TV and you gain access to thousands of movies and channels no extra unless you want the paid channels. You must have a newer Television that accepts HDMI and access to the internet. We have one of these units and save 100 dollars a month on our cable bill!

Auto Body Long Block #Automotive

Pull up to our many auto body repairs tips when you click here Get the Straightest finish
Using a 15" x 2-3/4 to 30" Sanding Board on your car will help make the panel (fender, quarter panel, door, hood.....) that is being repaired look as strait and flat as possible. The trick is using the longest block that you can for the size of the repair so the whole area is sanded at once. This takes any little divits or waves in the finish sanding them and making the side of your car look as flat as glass.

Why Warm your car when it is cold?

Find more automotive tips hereWarming up your automobile it’s not just for your cheeks
I have seen articles lately on “popular” websites that claim that starting yourautomobileand warming it up will harm theengine. That this is a practice that went away with carbureted engines. The claim is that gas is a solvent and it will wash the cylinders of theengineand there for cause damage because of lack of lubrication. For those of us that live up north where the temperatures sometimes never get above the doughnut it is quite the opposite.

#Save money and freeze eggs

Find more Frugal Living tips when you click here Freezing eggs is as easy as making ice cubes. There are times of the year when you can pick up eggs andsavea lot of money. We will take these extra eggs beat them up like we are about to make scrambled eggs. Then with something we all have, you know thoseice cube traysthat are laying around, fill each one of the compartments with one beaten egg and freeze. Now you can make eggs in the morning or add one egg to a recipe that calls for it. If you have a lot of eggs to freeze  add them to the ice cube tray and when completely frozen put the frozen egg cubes in a freezer bag and add more eggs to the

#Diet that works

A proven diet plan free check it out. I have done this and it works, you feel better. Have more energy and a clear head check it out here....

Small Space #Gardening

You can have a garden wherever you are, you cannot beat fresh vegetables!

Get your supplies tips and be ready for the best garden ever! Check it out.....

Spotless #Clean

Spot Free
Do you have spot or cloudy glassware from hard water residue? There is a quick and easy trick that you can do to make them look new and clear again. Boil white vinegar and water at a 1 to 1 solution (1 cp to 1 cp) in a sauce pan. Soak your glassware for 15 to 20 minutes in the solution. When they are done wash them in soap and water and hand dry them. If they still come out cloudy or they have obvious substantial stains you can use just vinegar the same way and it will help get them even cleaner.

Doggy Pops #Recipe

Check out more doggone good dog treat recipes here.....Doggy Cool Down

16 ounces plain nonfat yogurt
3/4 cup water
1 tablespoon chicken bouillon granules or beef

Dissolve chicken/beef bouillon in water, Combine water and yogurt in blender and blend thoroughly, Pour into small containers for freezing, cover and freeze. 

Get the supplies to make your pets happy! Click here to check it out....

Government Surplus #Survival

Get the gear that you need!
You know that when you need to get great survival supplies the government has it figured out! Check this out and get all kinds of surplus supplies!

Because you can #never be to prepared! We have a huge selection of survival gear and information.