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#Fish blood outta here! #survival

Check out more fish recipes when clicking here.....Tasty Fish

Do you want to get rid of the blood and fishy taste before eating or canning? Make a brine out of one ounce of salt to one quart of water and place the fish in it. Allow the fish to soak for 10 minutes to 1 hour according to the thickness of the fish for canning and over night for cooking. Never use this brine more than one time.

Get you fishing supplies to make your next trip awesome!

Get ready for #Icefishing with a new ice house #fishing

                                                     Ice House

Skin #fish faster than a pro! #fishing

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SKINZIT® Fish Skinner Review
This is a awesome little tool I will be pick up. The least fun you have whilefishingis cleaning the fish! Now it will take at least half the time and you will not waste any meat. You will make the pro's look shameful. As you can see above the

It's a Ice thing you would not understand! #icefishing

This is a Ice Fishing thing you gotta love it!Get all of your Ice Fishing gear at great prices. When you are on the ice you always need to be prepared! We can help you get everything that you need plus everything that you want. Get it all right here.....
Get all of your fishing gear spring, summer, winter or fall! No matter where you are in the world we got it!

To good to miss! #share

We will find #deals that will #save you tons!So we are going to start sharing more of the awesome deals that we find here on our blog. We share tons of deals on ourTwitterfeed but we will share specific items that are just too good not to let you know about, on ourTwitterfeed you will find a lot of discounts but on our blog we will share singular items. So if you are looking for great deals we will share them here. FromDesigner clothingtoTravelwe will find some of the best deals in the world and we will put them here.

Becareful you might have to slip! #fishing

1.      Bobber Stop: Tie thebobber stopknot on theline, use the premaderubber stopsor if you are cheap like me I use themini rubber bands, this is the most important link in this rig. This willstopyourbobberat the determined depth that you want tofish, or the depth you find thefish. Make sure that the knot is tight and does not have any lose ends. The knot will be able to be reeled up without snagging on anything and will be able to be moved up and down theline

My #favorite #Walleye Rig #fishing

1.      Egg Sinker: If you are trolling adjust the weight ofsinkerso that is just barely dragging on the bottom. If you are on the shore use enough weight to get it out to where you want to fish.
2.      Glow bead: This bead has dual purpose it keeps thesinkerfrom beating up your knot so you do not lose the fish when you get one. And it adds a little bit of attraction through color and sound.

Slow the Troll #fishing

CLICK HERE for #fishing You are out drifting in yourboattrying to pick up afishor two. The wind is blowing you around the lake making your bait cruise the bottom like a nitroinjected missle. You do not have adrift sock, guess it's time to pack it up and gohome. I sayneverI will take afive gallon bucketwith when ever I gofishingthey have a ton of uses. My favorite use is to tie aropeto the handle throw it over the side of theboatand it will slow you down just like adrift sock. It you are in a biggerboatit might take a couple.

Perfect Day Fishing 2

Perfect Day Fishing 2
    From Perfect Day Fishing 1.....The current was fast because the water was still a little high after I had seen the silver flash I waited for theslip bobberto disappear, it did not. As it floated a couple more feet more another silver flash thebobberdisappeared, I pulled back on thefishing polesetting the hook, the fish responded by jumping five feet out of the water. I lowered therodtip so that I would not lose it, the fish was huge. Instant adrenaline rush, my heart was beating out my chest, my breathing was fast, this was so awesome!

The Perfect Day Fishing!

The Perfect day!
              I was so excited, fishingseason opened the next day, I decided to check the river to help me make the decision where I was going to fish the next morning. I had to be ready forFishingseason next day. The water had been high most of the spring and it had been made all of my regularfishingspots unrecognizable most of the spring, but now the water was back in it's banks and it was starting to clear up.