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Auto Body Repair

Using a 6" power sander

Get more awesome frugal automotive tips here
Always keep your sander flat on the panel you are sanding if you do not you will make the work you are doing look wavy. Always start the sander on the panel so you do not make a divit. Use 80 grit for body work, 120 to 180 to finish body work, use 220 for stripping paint, 320 to 400 for finish work.

What is Shrinkage?

Get more auto body information when you click hereShrinkage
This is not the title for a bad joke it is something that you need to be aware of when refinishing a automobile. So what is shrinkage? Shrinkage is caused by scratches being to deep, paint not being feathered correctly or a reaction with the old painted surface. When shrinkage happens you will be able to see your repair in the finished paint.

Working with Fiberglass #automotive

Get your automoble refinished with these tips when you click hereFiberglass Itch
If you arerefinishingaautomobileand will be working with fiberglass read the directions on the can of resin do not proceed with out doing so. When working with fiberglass tape your sleeves shut, keep your collar on yourshirtbuttoned tight, keep yourshirttucked in. This is so the dust does not get everywhere. When done take a cold shower to rinse off so that your pores do not open up causing you a big itch fest.

P.S. this works when you are insulating yourhomewith fiberglass insulation.

Auto Body Long Block #Automotive

Pull up to our many auto body repairs tips when you click here Get the Straightest finish
Using a 15" x 2-3/4 to 30" Sanding Board on your car will help make the panel (fender, quarter panel, door, hood.....) that is being repaired look as strait and flat as possible. The trick is using the longest block that you can for the size of the repair so the whole area is sanded at once. This takes any little divits or waves in the finish sanding them and making the side of your car look as flat as glass.

Wet sanding paper grits explained #automotive

Wet sanding; the mystery of the Grit solved

Use this as the first step when sanding primer.
Cannot be painted over without shrinkage.

Use this as the first step in finishing primer
 Cannot be painted over without shrinkage.
This can be used for the final  step when sanding primer.
Will not show shrinkage.
Used as the final sanding to get a finesse final product. Can be used as the starting point for a cut and buff and removing paint runs. May also be used in-between coats of clear for a extremely smooth finish.
Will not show shrinkage and creates the smoothest finish.

Flat out #Perfection

Get more auto body repair information when you click here!
When you are looking for perfection when refinishing a automobile using a 9" block helps you make the panel flatter. The ultimate goal when sanding a car is using the longest block that you can so the whole area gets sanded at once. This takes any little divots in the finish out making the side of your car look as flat as glass.

Automotive Epoxy #DIY

Find more refinishing tips here!Epoxy
When you useepoxyit forms a barrier around your automobile that keeps out impurities. That is good however if you do not do take the proper steps to prep your automobile it also locks those mistakes in and can cause problems. If you drive down the road and you get a rock chip in the car that goes to the metal and breaks theEpoxybarrier, the point of the chip will start to get rust crepe because theepoxywill hold in the moisture. There is a time and place forepoxylike everything, become familiar with the product you are using.

#Automotive body filler

There is more Auto Body information here.Body filler:
When using body filler use the best quality body filler that your budget will allow. The others work but they shrink more than the higher quality body fillers do and the good stuff sands easier.
Make sure it is no thicker than a 1/4 of an inch. Any thicker and the body filler will crack and fall out!

Know what that light means and save a ton of money!

#Autobody Panel Adhesive #automotive

Click Here for more autobody repair informationPanel Adhesive:
If you do not have a welder you can use panel adhesive. Use the right one and you will have a better repair then if you welded the panel. With a weld you will never be able to get sealers in all of the nooks and crannies of the weld. With an adhesive you do not have to worry about that, everything can be treated. The new adhesives have been tested extensively; they have found that the metal will give before the adhesive does. More.....

Get the information that you need to repair your automobile!

Stick with it #automotive

Get tons more Autobody repair information when you click here!
Adhesive Gun:

When you are completing a paint job there will be times when you need to use some kind of adhesive or seam sealer to complete the job. There are many styles of adhesive guns. Research and find the one that is going to be the most cost effective for your situation. Some of the new adhesives will work in a standard Caulk gun, which saves you money. MORE Information.....