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eFoodsDirect food storage company believes in three principles: Serve, Save, and Share—Serve great food, Save for unforeseen circumstances that lie ahead, and Share the message of gaining control of your food supply and being less dependent on others.
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At PrepareWise, we seek to prepare and supply families for emergency survival—and we want to help you do it cheaply and wisely. We are passionate about this mission and strive daily to ensure our emergency food storage and survival supplies far surpass competitors both in quality and price.
A few things to learn because you can never can know to much!
Food and water are the most important items that you need to be prepared for in any situation. However there are things that you should have put up because we believe that you can never be to prepared. The following is a list of items that we put up that can help you be prepared for what ever situation that you may have to face.

Survival and Preparedness Links 
This area will guide you to many different areas that will provide you with a library of how to and areas where you go to get some of the items that you are looking for. We will add more inks as we find them.
Camping World
Alternate Power/Fuel Links:
Emergancy First Aid:



Survival Shelter:
 Food and Food Prep Links:
Gardening Links: 


Hunting and Fishing Links:
How to Clothing and Blankets:
Solar Links:
Survival Links:

 About me:
I grew up with a dad that was old enough to be my grandfather. My dad grew up during the great depression and always impressed upon his kids the importance of being able to take care of themselves. He always stressed that it was important to help others and share what you know to be able to help whoever needs the help. That is why I put this department together yes it looks like a big sale add but it can be used to give you an idea of what things that you might need or might want to learn, some of the prices we have found can save you a lot of money. There are a lot of skills that over the last century we have lost. With these skills living through something like Sandy would be a little more comfortable. I will include links at the bottom of this page that have a lot of free info that will make it easier to find some of these topics. These links do not contain or share the views of our website. Some of the political mumbo-jumbo and ranting are not our views however if you look past that the information that can be learned could help you in a emergency situation. An emergency could be something as small as losing your job and using the food you have stored to make it for a month or two, or it could be something as major as the next hurricane Sandy, Andrew, ETC….. Learning these skills could help save you and your family’s life in a time of need. A lot of the websites at the bottom of the page contain a lot of information, you can never know too much. My dad taught us everything from rebuilding an engine, building a house completely to how to crochet a blanket. The ultimate bonus to learning these skills…..It saves you a ton of money!