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This department includes links to different sites that will help you save tons of money. I provided links to these because I could not explain it better. I have learned a lot from these two ladies and I believe you can too.
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CLICK HERE to get your free Baby Coupons
CLICK HERE to get all of your extra Sunday Newspaper Coupons
Coupons with the frugal maniac at
Coupons with the frugal maniac at
Find frugal Freebies with the frugal maniac
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Weekly Coupon Information
Get all of your Coupon info here by stste, region and store learn to be a frugal maniac.
She has a list of over 60 stores that you can choose from and if they are in your area you can take advantage of these savings.
She also has a deals list for and drug stores and national chains. This includes the coupons what to expect what deals you will get that will lead you to free items that some times will even profit you in the end.
In the coupon moms words "My mantra is, "Strategic Shopping it is not about changing the way you eat, it is changing the way you buy the food that you like."  With our help you will spend far less money for the groceries you like. Use to get dramatic savings without having to spend an extreme amount of time figuring out the best coupon deals."
The Frugal Maniac has found you tons of free samples, information, magazines and coupons. Click on the link and you will not be disappointed.
Coupon Mom has a database of coupons so that you will be able to check out all of the coupons for your region. This will speed up your coupon adventure and help you in your journey of finding awesome savings.
Extra Newspaper Coupons !  If you find one of those deals where you can get free items with your coupons and want to stock up on the item.  Or you find a coupon that is a money maker and need extra newspaper coupons. We have a list of coupon clipping services that will get you what you need.
Printable Coupons
Click any of the links below to get the printable coupons that you need:
The crazy coupon lady the second tool in a frugalmaniac world.
The Krazy Coupon Lady  This website has a bunch of additional information between the two sites listed here you can save ton of money at the grocery store. Below are a few subscriptions that offer coupons and extra advise that will help you save tons of money.
More Printable Coupons 
A place to go for free printable coupons and the ulitmate frugal gift share what you have.
When frugal is your target Get your target coupons
Being frugal with walgreens coupons   
Being more frugal with wal mart coupons